Lorraine Robinson: Networking Queen!

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We caught up with Lorraine Robinson to see how her business has been doing over the last 12 months. This time last year, Lorraine had just completed her Money Back Challenge, meaning we repaid her franchise fee in FULL.

Since then, it’s been a year of achievements for Lorraine, and she’s been working extremely hard on growing her travel business. Lorraine has always said how beneficial BNI networking groups have been for her, especially in the beginning when she first started out. But to this day she swears by the group and has managed to make some great connections which have helped her build-up her list of prospects.

Most recently, Lorraine was lucky enough to be approached by Porsche to exhibit in their showroom in Portsmouth. Lorraine admits she never expected to be contacted by Porsche, but that she was delighted when she was.

“I was thinking about where to find high profile prospects who want to book luxury holidays”

“I was thinking to myself who I would want to book their holidays with me?” Lorraine said, and one day when she was looking to buy herself a Range Rover, she realised that the clientele you’d find in a car showroom for the likes of Range Rover and Porsche, are also the type of people that would want to book a luxury holiday.

So Lorraine pitched this to her “Power Team” in her BNI group, asking if anyone had any contacts at Porsche or whether they knew anyone who did. And sure enough, somebody did have a contact and were able to put her in touch.

Much to Lorraine’s surprise, Porsche reached out to her and asked her if she’d like to exhibit at an event they were hosting and of course she jumped at the opportunity.

Local businesses supporting other local businesses

For the event, Lorraine wanted to do something that would really make her stand out, and so she decided to collaborate with a local VR company called Chaos Theory, who she also got to know through BNI.

The company, called Chaos Theory VR, agreed to partner up with Lorraine to send prospects on a virtual holiday, and she used a VR program that was available for free from one of her travel suppliers, Club Med, which is free for any Travel Consultant who works with Not Just Travel.

Not only was this great for Lorraine’s business, but in return she was giving another local business excellent exposure, so it was a fantastic team effort all round! Another reason Lorraine chose to work with Chaos Theory, is that they do a lot of work with dementia patients through VR therapy.

This is something very close to Lorraine’s heart, as she is due to take on Not Just Travel’s Charity Challenge, where she will be one of many Travel Consultants trekking through the jungle to the Lost City of Colombia, all in aid of charity. Lorraine has chosen to do this in support of MIND, and in memory of her mother who sadly passed away from Dementia at the age of 67.

A year of growth and success

All in all, it’s been a busy year for Lorraine, who has continued to network and grow her business through various trips and experiences. She attended the Not Just Travel Ski Trip to Banff in Canada with a group of fellow Travel Consultants back in March, got invited on a FAM trip with Gold Medal, attended the Not Just Travel Elite Experience in Mauritius for some exclusive training and is set to take on the trek in Colombia in  October!

Lorraine has said her next networking event will involve her speaking at the BNI regionals about her success as a Travel Consultant with Not Just Travel. We wish her all the best and we’re sure to see her smash her goals for the rest of 2019.