Marketing: Building our brand and attracting customers

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One of our biggest strengths here at Not Just Travel is the time and money we invest in our marketing strategy. The strength of a brand can often be the deciding factor for potential customers, which is why we ensure we have a consistent stream of well produced content to pass on to the field. Our dedicated team of designers, copywriters, developers and coordinators are working tirelessly to produce some amazing promotional  content.

What's more, all our consultants are able to use this content FOR FREE!!

These are just some of the amazing graphics produced each week for use on social media or other platforms.

Brand recognition is a massive part of 21st century marketing strategy. We are not just selling holidays. We are selling ourselves. And what is a stronger selling point than the professionalism of well designed, tasteful graphics?

But it doesn't stop there. Not only do we produce incredible content, but we also negotiate exclusive offers with our suppliers on your behalf. Not Just Travel have a very strong negotiating position within the industry. As some of our suppliers top sellers each year, suppliers are happy to promote exclusive deals for use in the field. These deals can have a huge effect in our marketing strategy, allowing us the opportunity to give customers their dream holiday for an amazing price.

Would you like to be able to use these graphics in the promotion of your business? Promotional materials can be very expensive to produce. Marketing strategies need to be agreed upon, as well as management of timings and copy. Here at Not Just Travel, we take care of all of this for you. We are here throughout the year to take care of everything you need in order to promote your business and watch it grow.

These are just a small handful of graphics that have been created for our consultants. We will continue to maintain our commitment to the field with new media and offers to attract new business and provide a strong foundation for every franchisee.


You can say that again piglet!